Happy New Year: Some Things To Look Forward To


明けましておめでとう as the Japanese say. It’s 2013, the world did not end last month, so I guess it’s about time we – or rather, I, because actually it was Lumy’s turn and she doesn’t even care, uguu – revived this blog. It’s a bother, but that’s the power of new year’s resolutions for you.

That said, I’m not really looking forward to this year all this much when it comes to all my real-life obligations. I plan to finish my degree, find a “real” job, so I can buy even more useless things, I would like to find a bigger flat and there’s also a visit to Japan planned if those things go well.

They probably won’t.

So in order to avoid thinking about all the hard things ahead, let’s think about the things we can look forward to. Be it Anime, Video Games or anything else. Mostly Import Games though. It’s all I do, lately.

I will start with the anime I am looking forward to, as this list is as short as it’s going to get. I’m not really informed about what’s supposed to air in Summer/Fall/Winter apart from a few instances, so I can only look forward to the coming season. And that really does not look that good.




Chihayafuru S2

Studio Madhouse
Season Spring

One of the only shows this season I am really excited about is Chihayafuru S2. The first season was beautifully done, and while not as perfect in its execution as Hikaru no Go was all those years ago, it does a great job of making me interested in a game I will a) never really play and b) would otherwise have not come into contact with. It made me more interested in the poems than the game, and listening to them and reading up on them has been fun.

When taking away the Karuta plot, what remains is a pretty generic comedy-romance show. It’s all good though, as Chihaya has great chemistry with all her fellow team members, especially Taichi, who coined the “Taichi Tuesdays” day in the season it aired (doesn’t work anymore, though, as they changed the day it airs on, too bad). And we all wondered the whole show when Arata is going to return to the fray.

So yes, I will watch this. Maybe not weekly, as it’s best watched in short doses (like Natsume Yuujinchou for example), but I will like this and I know it.



Tamako Market

Studio KyoAni
Season Spring

This is one I’m not so sure about. I will watch it because, as much as I thought I wouldn’t, I really enjoyed KyoAni’s offerings from seasons past. Hyouka was wonderful from beginning to end, as Lumy wrote a few posts – and quite a bit of time – ago. Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai was really fun in general but suffered in a really bad end-run.

I hated the last 2-3 Episodes. With a passion. Maybe you’ve read my rant if you follow me on Twitter. Most of the melodrama just wasn’t necessary at all, and it wasn’t even well done! I didn’t feel bad for any of these characters. It’s really sad because up until that point, Chuunibyou was a great show I enjoyed a lot.

But this is about Tamako Market. Of which I know nothing about, since it’s an anime original show.

I’ll just watch this with hope in my heart.



Sailor Moon 2013

Studio ???
Season Summer?

Like most people, Sailor Moon was the first anime I watched obsessively while knowing what an anime even was. I always taped the episodes in German, rewatched them an uncountable number of times, caught it on television whenever I could… It kind of changed my life, as cheesy as that sounds, because it introduced me to so much.

Of course I watched anime before that. Maya the Little Bee, HeidiAttack No. 1 (probably at the same time as Sailor Moon?), Rose of Versailles and so on, but Sailor Moon was the first show where I read a lot about in magazines and really understood where it came from. Moonlight Densetsu was one, if not the, first Japanese song I listened to. The first Japanese episode I ever watched of anything was probably also Sailor Moon. Also, Naoko Takeuchi might just be the first Japanese name I miserably mispronounced.

There are just so many firsts connected to this tale, I can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside reminiscing about it.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to see how they will “revive” that anime for both a new generation as well as people like me who have fond memories of the show. It’s announced for the summer season, but since there’s been like… no information at all since last fall, we will see about that.



Tiger & Bunny: The Rising

Studio Sunrise
Season Fall

There’s not much to say about this. I watched the first movie in September in London and loved it. I will also watch and love the second film, which (probably) will be completely new content. Also, I might catch this movie in Japan.

When it comes to this blog, I really think it’s Lumy’s responsibility to write about TaiBani, so I will stop right here. I look forward to it.



Video Games

That’s it about anime, as this season is rather weak. Since I found four anime I look forward to, I decided to also highlight four games (I lied, I mentioned a lot more in the end). All but one of these will surely come out in English this year or at the latest in 2014. So enjoy.



Eiyuu Densetsu:
Sen no Kiseki

Developer Nihon Falcom
Release Fall 2013
Platforms PS3, Vita

The 6th game in Falcom’s epic Zemuria saga, consisting of Sora no Kiseki First Chapter, Second Chapter, The Third, Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki.

This is, without question, on the first place of my list. That’s because it is going to be phenomenal. Not only do we finally get a chapter set in the Erebonian Empire, the game will also look glorious to boot. After a very strong 2012 with Nayuta no Kiseki and Ys: Celceta no Jukai (which proved that Falcom can do 3D graphics now), Falcom gives us what Kiseki fans have all been waiting for.

Too bad the Japanese Level of these games is really, really high. I still have a hard time playing them and I need a lot of time to finish one of these. But they’re worth it. This is one of the most epic stories I have seen in a Japanese RPG… ever.

Which is another rather big problem. No one will genuinely be able to play and enjoy Sen no Kiseki without having played all preceding games (same as no one can really enjoy Zero without having played Sora), so that’s a lot of time to invest before one is able to play this game and enjoy the story. Which also affects its chance for localisation.

Localization Chance: No way in hell. Sorry guys, but if XSEED ever finishes localizing Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky, they will probably stop there. Even if they don’t, Sen no Kiseki will be years away. Those games are massive. Sadly, as I stated before, it does not make sense to “jump over” any of the other Zemuria games, so XSEED can just release Sen. You’re better off studying Japanese.



Shin Megami Tensei IV

Developer ATLUS
Release 2013
Platforms 3DS

After a lot of Persona, more Persona Remakes and a bit of Soul Hackers, ATLUS finally returns to Shin Megami Tensei this year with the 4th installment of the main series, following III: Nocturne on the PS2. This makes Strange Journey (NDS) the side-story we all thought it is.

I love Shin Megami Tensei. The games have a very unique atmosphere, where your choices really affect the world, grim and cruel as it is. As always, the game is about a group of people controlling/fighting together with demons to change the world the way the player desires. Would you like to rule the world using the demons as the driving force? Or will you use the demons to eradicate these very beings? You decide.

Sure, that’s a really bad introduction to this series, but the one thing you should take from this is, that you will play this game more than once. If you love multiple endings you will feel right at home. And so will I.

It will also have full Furigana, judging from the Promo material, which means less dictionary time. Yay.

Localization Chance: Guaranteed. ATLUS localizes every SMT game.



Soul Sacrifice

Developer Marvelous/Japan Studio
Release March 7, 2013 (JP)
Platforms Vita

A Monster Hunter-like game from Keiji Inafune. But wait, it’s more than that. It’s also really fun.

The game is about a person who is about to be sacrificed by an evil wizard when a strange, talking (and totally not crying) book appears before him, containing records of past fights of heroes against the wizard. The protagonist is then able to relive these and gain experience from them in the process, probably leading to his escape in the end of the game, who knows.

The fun thing about this game is, as I mentioned it plays a bit like Monster Hunter, its 4 player multiplayer mode, as that comes with a twist. When a person on your team sucks, I mean, dies, you can either revive him with magic or sacrifice him. A sacrificed person is really dead and will not actively participate in the battle anymore (there still are some things one can do in ghost form, like handing out small attack buffs), but in turn their death will trigger a highly damaging attack, which helps the skilled, I mean, surviving players an edge in the rest of the battle.

I got sacrificed a lot. I still had fun and have the game preordered.

Localization Chance: Guaranteed. As far as I know it has been announced.



Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Developer Square-Enix
Release 2013
Platforms PS3

I am one of the few people who doesn’t mind Final Fantasy XIII. Sure, it’s not how most people would have liked a modern Final Fantasy (you guys should play Bravely Default one way or the other, seriously), but it’s also not that bad a game.

The original was far to linear and the characters are really flat for the most part, but the battle system was fun and 13-2 really expanded the original in every way and made it more fun. Sure, characters still weren’t that much better and they made some lazy design choices, but I guess we should just stop expecting too much and just take these games at face value.

That said, I have no idea what to think of this game. I am not even looking forward to it that much, but I still wanted to include it here… because it intrigues me. It seems to deviate a lot from the FF13 formula and Final Fantasy as a whole, making the title its subtitle instead and ditching the good old FF-font for a (pretty ugly) new one that badly mimics the Metal Gear Rising font…

Still, it might be a good game. It might also really suck. And I can’t wait to find out.

Localization Chance: Guaranteed.



Well, I could mention some more games. Especially some that will come out in the west this year after they’ve been out in Japan for quite a while.

Tales of Xillia (PS3) is a game I recently played, so I could start playing its sequel (which is even better than this game, just by the way), and I actually enjoyed it a lot. It seems this will come out in English this summer, so if you liked Tales of Graces, Abyss or Vesperia, you’re also going to like Xillia a lot. The story here is a lot less clichéd than the one in Graces… we’re talking about Tales here, though, so you’re still looking at every anime trope imaginable.

Ni no Kuni (PS3): A lot of you are really excited for this game judging by Twitter. It looks nice, it also plays well. It just didn’t motivate me a lot somehow, as I stopped playing after a few hours. There’s still a lot of content here from what I’ve read, and if you enjoy Tales and Pokémon, you will also enjoy this gameplay-wise. If you’re only in it for the story: it’s a generic “boy grows up” story which is actually pretty heartwarming but kind of clichéd most of the time.

Also, I’m kinda looking forward to games that aren’t RPGs like Tomb Raider (PS3/360) (which I am going to get when it’s a bit cheaper), DmC (PS3/360) (Demo was okay, so probably also getting a bit later), Metal Gear Rising (PS3/360) (Depends on my mood) and The Last Of Us (PS3). There’s also a lot of remakes this year like Dragon Quest VII (3DS)Atelier Meruru Plus (Vita), Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki SC: Kai (PS3) and Tales of Hearts R (Vita), which I mostly already have on preorder.

So there’s actually a lot to like about the 2013 of gaming!

With that out of the way, what are you guys waiting for this year? What will you watch and play? What makes you forget all the work you’re going to have to do this year?

I will not get answers, because I don’t have readers. I can still ask.

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One Response to Happy New Year: Some Things To Look Forward To

  1. Ri says:

    You guys never blog that’s why you have no readers. Srsly. xD

    I’m looking forward to Sailor Moon anime-wise, because of reasooonsssss. I think most of what you listed also applies to me, so it should be pretty obvious why I NEED TO SEE THIS!!!11one Since I didn’t really inform myself about upcoming seasons I have no clue what will be airing so…I’m not really looking forward to anything else. *cough*

    As for games…I can’t wait for Ni no Kuni! <3 Love Ghibli so I def. will enjoy this game from an artistic p.o.v. Probably will enjoy the gameplay as well. I don't know much about the story (didn't want to find out on purpose), but I'm not expecting anything that will set the world on fire. Just hoping for some lovable characters at least.

    I'm not really anticipating FFXIII-3 much…or rather, I'm not anticipating it at all. XD Given that I'm no fan of Lightning, that was to be expected. But we will see. I enjoyed XIII-2 a lot actually, so I'm sad that XIII-3 looks so amazingly…boring to me.

    On another note: I borrowed a Wii from a friend so I will be able to play all those games that I couldn't play before as soon as this term is over. Zelda, here I come! I'll also borrow a PSP. So. You know what you have to do. :'D Gnihihih.

    Man…shouldn't write english texts at this hour… <_<

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