Spring Season 2012: A Review

First post here we go!

Every season I pick a lot of shows I want to watch but in the end I only watch a fraction of these weekly. Some others I marathon or semi-marathon (marathoning a series when there are still around three episodes or so left to air) later… the rest just gets dropped. Or not watched at all.

Since the season is nearing its end (I would have made a mid-season post but I didn’t have a blog), let’s examine what I found to be worth my while after the jump.

Shows I Follow Weekly


Episodes 7/21
Rating 8/10

I know this might sound strange, but I didn’t like many KyoAni shows. Only Nichijou and Haruhi. The only fun thing about K-ON was watching the endings and all the Key stuff was too much drama for my tastes. Fun fact: I tried to watch Kanon (2006) four times until I finally gave up and admitted to myself that even though everyone loves it, I do not have to. Anyway I was not looking forward to Hyouka at all. I was wrong. This show is great.

Everyone criticizes it for being too slow and too boring, but that’s exactly what I like about it. The mysteries they solve are daily occurences. Something the viewer can relate to and something he would ponder about would it happen to him. It makes this world believable and fun.

The great characters and the dynamic they have together help of course. Houtaro is a great main character. He is interesting to watch and relatable, as we all have these moments when we just don’t want to “waste energy doing anything”. That and, apart from some blushing, he isn’t the stupid, stammering MC who gets into awkward situations with the girl he likes. No, the “thing” Chitanda and Houtarou have going on, which I am sure she does not even realize they have, is pure, cute and interesting.

I will gladly continue to watch this weekly. Heck, I will watch Episode 8 once I am done writing this post!


Tasogare Otome

Episodes 10/12
Rating 5/10

I will confess: the reason I started to watch this was the character design, especially the fact that Yuuko looks a lot like Hitagi from Bakemonogatari. I just wish I knew why I stayed.

This is not really a good anime. The main character is freaking annoying and the characters around him still seem to adore him for some reason. Yuuko makes this show, and even she does get on my nerves from time to time. Right now I am far more sympathetic towards Shadow Yuuko. While I can understand the reason Yuuko split her personality, it’s just too cruel to Shadow Yuuko, having to “live” with these feelings Yuuko does no want.

I still like Yuuko, she’s an interesting character and her design is cool. The supporting characters are also interesting. Especially Kyrie. Okonogi is just there for comfort and occasional comic relief, but I think she’s still rather important to the crew.

That said, I’m kind of happy that this seems to go for an Anime original end because as much as I like parts of it, I wouldn’t watch this for several seasons if they decided to animate the manga once it’s finished. I was curious how Yuuko died and I will get an answer. Maybe not the right one but if I’m interested in that, I can read the manga.




Episodes 9/11?
Rating 7/10

I will just say it: noitaminA is back. After their last seasons which were pretty sub-par (Guilty Crown, I am looking at you) this season really delivers.

Tsuritama is a very fun series which, surprisingly, started to get very touching these last episodes. It’s not very deep and all the speculah that was around seems to have been in vain as it continues to be straightforward, but I don’t mind this. I enjoy every minute of it.

I guess you could kind of call it a sports anime. It reminds me of Hikaru no Go in that it has been able to center around something perceived as boring and make it really interesting. Both by animating it in a way that’s fun to watch (sadly, fishing isn’t like this at all) and by making the characters likable.

Yuki in particular is very relatable, and while I found Haru’s antics to be a bit on the annoying side at times, he’s essential to the group. The best character still is and always will be Tapioca though. Duck.

It won’t make me try to go fishing (I hated doing this with my uncle’s family as a kid, I would still hate it today), but I am looking forward to see Yuki fish some alien out of the water.



Shows I Want To Catch Up With

Eureka Seven AO

Episodes 0/24
Rating ??

Eureka Seven was one of the Anime I missed when it was first on air. I acknowledged that it was around and I heard a lot about it. I just didn’t watch it until much later. And I did enjoy it until near the end when its flaws became too apparent and I had so many other shows to watch.

I don’t think I will finish watching Eureka Seven for now, but everyone tells me how great this revival is. So I will watch this one. I am in the mood for some mecha after all. I just hope being shorter than its predecessor will do it some good.



Sakamichi no Apollon

Episodes 3/??
Rating 7/10

Another noitaminA gem. I don’t know why I’m not caught up with this. It’s certainly not for quality reasons. The music, the art, the direction and the story are all top notch in this show and I enjoyed every minute of the three episodes I watched.

It really reminds me of Nodame Cantabile (which is one of my all-time favorites), just without the sometimes over the top quirkiness. I am really looking forward to see how this show plays out.



 Stuff I Will Marathon Later


Fate/Zero 2nd

Episodes 1/12
Rating ??

I love Gen Urobochi and I enjoyed S1 immensely. But I do not watch this. Why? It’s just time and that feeling that I will appreciate this more if I can watch it in one go, maybe even the uncensored BD version.

I still think that while it’s a great show it’s also immensely overhyped. It’s not the best thing that happened to anime in ages (nothing good happens to anime these days) and it’s not “the best the genre has to offer”, because there are some classics that will want to disagree. Is it fun to watch? Yes. Is that enough? Yes, it is.

It’s just not the Holy Grail everyone makes it out to be (see what I did there?)



Lupin III Fujiko Mine to Iu Onna

Episodes 1/13
Rating ??

Okay, this is something I never dared to say… but I never even watched one episode of a Lupin anime. I watched some movies as well as the Conan/Lupin crossover, but not one episode from a series.

I regret it. Episode 1 of Fujiko Mine to Iu Onna was superb. It looked great, sounded great and was entertaining from start to finish. I don’t know if it will stay this way, and I will not find out for some time, because I will marathon this anime when I find some time for it…


Shows I Dropped

I will keep the dropped shows brief. I haven’t really dropped a lot of stuff because I hated it. Didn’t even start watching these shows (AKB0048, Recorder to Randoseru…). Most shows this season were dropped because I don’t have time for these, they’re just not as good as another show or they’re 2-cours and I’m sure I wouldn’t want to continue watching next season.

Accel World is the latter. I watched two episodes of this and loved the futuristic setting and the way they’re interconnected through the internet. The whole thing about how this comes at the price of privacy was pretty straightforward and not creative, but it’s the truth so well, what should he have written. It’s just that it seems very generic when you look past the setting. At first I thought I might marathon it. But considering that we’ll get Sword Art Online next season… I doubt it. Maybe if I really love that one.

Medaka Box was dropped because it just was not interesting. I like Nisio Isin and I freaking love Gainax. But the three episodes I gave this show where a waste of time which I should have put in one of the better ones. Is this series supposed to be funny? Or about serious character development from the perfect Mary Sue to a human character? If it’s the former, it failed. I never laughed. If it’s for latter, someone will tell me about it. It was not for me.

I dropped Jormungand because it’s like Black Lagoon 3. That got boring for me pretty fast so I have no incentive to continue watching this past episode one.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san has been dropped because of time constraints. It’s a very entertaining anime, and if I find the time to catch up with a comedy show sometime soon, this will be the one. I love how they’re adapting Lovecraft stories in such a different way. He would probably turn in his grave though.

Shirokuma Café on the other hand was just too boring. While the novelty factor and the great seiyuu line-up kept me interested for around 3-4 episodes, there was just not enough to keep going. The jokes are lame, the anime is moving too slow and it’s just not making me laugh. Which is kind of a no go for a comedy show.


Extra: Playing Catch-Up


Aquarion: EVOL

Episodes 12/26
Rating 7/10

I am watching this very slowly. I don’t even know what to write about this. It’s a dumb series which I like because it is dumb. They have multiple orgasms each time their mechas fuse, the title is LOVE spelled backwards and the attack names are ridiculous.

Just like the old Aquarion. And it’s just as much fun to watch.



Rinne No Lagrange

Episodes 6/12
Rating 7/10

Next season will see the return of the Jersey Club as well as a whole lot of MARU.

I didn’t get around to watch this when it aired, but heard from everyone that it’s a great mecha show which is a bit reminicent of Diebuster without the over-the-top-ness. And since I love me some mecha I started watching it. I hope to be finished before Season 2 starts, but we’ll see about that.

I am enjoying this show immensely!



So, that’s it. Three shows I watch the moment (or at least the day) they come out, two shows I want to catch up because I think I am missing out and two shows I will marathon later.

I’d say this is not such a bad season after all.

Well, if anyone is reading this (first post after all), feel free to comment and tell me what you found enjoyable this season. I’m interested.

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One Response to Spring Season 2012: A Review

  1. Ri says:

    Hummm….Hyouka sounds interesting actually. But I’m not sure yet. KyoAni somehow isn’t my cup of tea, so I’m a little bit afraid that I won’t like it. Then again I’ve nothing to lose! It’s not like I have anything to watch atm anyway, so I might as well give it a try.

    I’m wondering though….should I wait for all episodes first and marathon through it…? Huuuurrrr. Decisions. x_x

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